5 Little Known Copywriting Mistakes That Snuff Out Your Effectiveness
by Prerna Malik, Founder/Head Content Chef at Content Bistro

Here are five oft-overlooked copywriting mistakes that crush sales like a 500-pound gorilla.

  1. Copywriting Mistake #1: Sawdust-Dry, Feature-Heavy Product Descriptions
Product descriptions are a minefield for copywriting mistakes, and even experienced copywriters are often unable to prevent this one from happening. Loading up product descriptions with features seems like the logical thing to do.After all, everyone wants to know how big a bed is and what wood it’s made of, right?
Well, not really.
Buyers may want to know the features or specs but what they truly desire to know is how those features will change their life. Yes, you aren’t just selling a high-powered blender… you’re selling a faster way to healthier meals.
You aren’t just selling a night-light for kids… you’re selling uninterrupted sleep for weary parents.
How can you translate dry and boring features into vibrant and benefit-laden descriptions?
Use the popular acronym WIIFM or What’s in it for me?
In this case, ‘me’ being the buyer.
If you’re selling luxury beds, for example, instead of saying “maple wood frame” consider saying “Maple wood frame so you wouldn’t have to change your bed every five years.”
Instead of simply saying “cushioned, waxed leather headboard with protective coat”, rephrase it as “generously cushioned, waxed leather headboard to rest your head in comfort without worrying about staining it”
A popular copywriting trick is to list your features and then, write a benefit against each.
Do this exercise before you start writing your product descriptions and you’ll have lively descriptions bouncing off the page with benefits that compel browsers to turn into buyers.
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